Reviews of the Sherlock Holmes Books

“Lane’s writing is detailed, with scenes of exquisite terror… This is a world of shadowy conspiracies and sinister groups who have agents everywhere… nothing is what it seems. A hugely enjoyable treat for budding gumshoes.” (Daily Telegraph)

“The dramatic, violent ending leaves enough narrative strings dangling that readers over the age of 12 who enjoy detective fiction will grab for the sequel next fall.” (Wall Street Journal)

“…gripping… fast-moving adventure that will not disappoint fans.” (Carousel)

“Conan Doyle knew how to tell a rattling good adventure yarn and without a doubt so does Andrew Lane. He writes fluidly, introducing his characters with style and humour, never labouring a scene or wasting words; admirable qualities for any author, but in some ways, even more necessary for someone writing for a younger audience.” (Crime Review)

“Fabulously written, a perfect homage to Conan Doyle and a great introduction to Holmes for younger readers.” (NetGalley Librarian)

“Full of knotty puzzles and gothic macabreness, and endorsed by the Doyle estate, Stone Cold is fast-paced fun.” (

“This rewarding mystery/adventure novel has it all: great characters, a fearsome villain, a generous ration of suspense and hints of romance… Fans of the previous books will devour it; new readers to the series will have no problem diving in.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Lane has a talent for gross and grotesque villains…” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Action-packed and detail-oriented.” (Los Angeles Times)

“Remarkable.” (The New York Times Book Review)

“A true page-turner.” (Scripps Howard News Service)

“Will keep readers turning pages.” (School Library Journal, starred review)

“A Sherlock Holmes riot. It’s gripping, thrilling, horrifying and downright awesome.” (National Post (Canada) on Death Cloud )

“Lane does a terrific job . . . A solid mix of adventure and character.” (Booklist)

Reviews of the Lost Worlds Books

“Andrew Lane made all the difference… It’s nice to have an author who occasionally indulges us all in wild flights of fantasy.” (The Guardian Children’s Books)

“…the prose is brilliantly persuasive… it’s a novel that must be read.” (The Guardian)

Reviews of Andrew Lane’s other books

“Highly original…” (The Daily Mail)

“Impossible to put down.” (The Daily Express)

“Outstanding…” (Time Out)

“Extremely creepy and compelling…” (The Book List)

“Creepy, menacing, and downright frightening… A page turner teeming with tension.” (The Baltimore Sun)

“Chilling…” (Los Angeles Times Book Review)

“A must read.” (Kirkus Reviews – starred)

“Arresting.. Few readers will put the book down.” (Daily Express)

“One of the most memorable monsters in modern crime fiction…” (Daily Express)